Best Nutrition Apps For Kids

The 2019 Child Health Event is an advocate for improving child health in every part of the world. With this, they emphasized the importance of parents in promoting proper nutrition. One of the best ways to do so is to take advantage of the digital world, mainly through apps. With this in mind, here are the top nutrition apps that you can use to promote a more nutritious lifestyle.

Healthy Heroes: Nutrition For Kids

The storyline of Healthy Heroes revolved around saving Yogopolis city from the invasion of Hungry Monsters. To fend off these monsters, the citizens must eat fruits and vegetables to keep themselves healthy. This fun game does not only guide kids into recognizing healthy food, but it also promotes healthy eating habits.

Smash Your Food

What better way to engage and let your child participate than tapping to their basic instinct of smashing? Aside from this, what’s unique about this app is that it teaches children how to read nutrition labels. It encourages them to make informed decisions through this knowledge and eliminate all of these unhealthy items by smashing it.


Lastly, it also emphasizes the adverse effects of excessive oils, salts, and sugars. Therefore, they should destroy this, as well.

Eat and Move-O-Matic

Eat and Move-O-Matic introduces the concept of calories. It compares the number of calories that an individual eats and the activities required to consume that energy. This app also suggests health alternatives to replace the high-calorie meals and snacks that children love.

Nicholas’ Garden

Nicholas’ Garden is probably one of the most interactive apps out there. Aside from teaching children regarding essential nutrition, it also gives them an idea of how to cook, process, and shop for food. The creators of the app believe that healthy choices do not only happen in front of the table. Instead, they should also make informed decisions outside the four corners of their houses.



Nutrition always correlates with food. However, another factor that you should also tap as a parent is exercise and physical activity. FitnessKids animates more than 20 various workouts – from wheelbarrow challenges to sports day classes. What’s also excellent about this is that you have the option to pay solo or in “joust” mode with siblings and friends.