Easy Tips To Raise Responsible And Mentally Strong Kids

Most kids nowadays grow up spoiled by their parents. Experts say that this will become a problem in the future. These kids have a higher chance of being dependent, even if they are already adults. Worse, they would not know how to handle their emotions when they go out into the real world.

We get onto the parenthood road thinking it will be exactly like our idyllic own childhood—or nothing like it, if ours was rocky—while integrating our presently held values. — Liz Matheis Ph.D.

Afraid of the above consequences? Here are some of the tips to raise your kids well:

Allow Them To Handle Responsibilities

Give your children responsibilities suitable for their age. Give them small tasks. These can include making sure that all the lights are off at 10 p.m., feeding the pet, or checking if they still have toiletries in stock every other week.

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Entrusting them with manageable tasks will hone their skills before they carry real-world responsibilities. With this comes proper time management, self-awareness, and confidence. They will instill in their minds that what they do affects the family as a whole.

Allow Beginner Mistakes

Do not yell at your kids, especially if they are just beginners on a particular stuff or skill. Allow mistakes on the few first instances because your kids are still adjusting. If you give them responsibility for one specific thing, observe first how they are adapting to the situation.

As parents, you also need anger management skills. Do not make it a habit to yell or scold your child in public. While it does not humiliate you, your child may feel embarrassed if you shout at them while other people are watching. It will have a significant effect on their self-confidence as they grow older.

…parenting can be tough, and it can trigger or worsen your stress level – even if you are an easy going calm adult. Tension, stress, and strain, when combined with a lack of sleep and poor lifestyle choices, can lead to parenting issues. — R. Y. Langham, Ph.D.

Explain A Situation In Honest And Friendly Ways

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If you are having financial troubles, explain it to your kids so that they will learn to adjust eventually. If you and your spouse are not together anymore, explain that adequately to your children. Do not let your kids hear it from other people.

People in their adult life experience problems mainly because they do not know anything about it in the first place. The same goes for kids. Children usually have troubled minds because of some questions that we adults do not want to answer honestly. Do not play mind games and never assume that your child already knows about whatever the issue is.

Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

Personally, see your child’s behavior. If there are parent-teacher meetings or family days hosted by the school, then participate. Your kids themselves would want you to see how well they excel in school. It makes them proud of their little actions when they see you’re proud of them as well.

Once in a while, schedule quality time with the whole family. Family is the child’s most influential foundation. Do not let lack of communication get in the way of raising mentally healthy kids. Let your kids feel that they are still your priority, even if you do not see each other every hour.

Although gender roles have changed, traces of how your father acted as a parent likely remain in your mind. Some may feel conflicted when attempting to make parental decisions if their own fathers did not participate in these decisions. — Ben Ringler, MFT

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Keep in mind that in this modern world, our children are growing with lots of factors that can potentially affect their future lives. Do not assume that these factors are all good influences. As parents, it is your foremost duty to make sure that they are equipped with proper skills to hone them into better citizens.