Parenting Hacks For Moms With Teens


Once children reach their teenage years, most moms would start to freak out. During the period of adolescence, some teens can be challenging to deal with. Many factors can easily influence teens to become rebellious. This is why every parent like you must know how to handle your teenage daughter properly. It will be challenging and scary in the beginning, especially when you entertain the possibility that your child will create a distance of herself from you. When this happens, just remind yourself that everything will be worth it in the end.

Here are some parenting hacks you need to master when it comes to handling a teenage daughter:

Being unsure of what advice to take or health guidelines to follow can add significantly to parenting stress—and very few parents are without some measure of stress already. — Ben Ringler, MFT

Stop Putting Too Much Pressure

Did you know that many teenagers run away from their homes because of the unnecessary pressure they receive from parents? Most of these kids have no idea what to do. All they think about it finding a way on how to escape from their nagging parents. If you want to avoid this situation, then be sure to refrain from putting pressure on your teen. Set reasonable rules and expectations for him.


Make Friends With Their Friends 

To be on the good side of your daughter, do not hesitate to build a good relationship with her friends. Be careful in doing this because you might cross some boundaries. What you need to do is to find a way to make connections with your daughter’s schoolmates or friends. Just make sure not to overdo it. The purpose of trying to make friends with your teen’s friends is to show the former that you support her. She will appreciate your efforts of reaching out to the people she likes.


…a survey of over 2000 well-educated moms by Suniya Luthar and Lucia Ciciolla at Arizona State University offers one answer: On average, mothers of middle schoolers (12- to 14-year olds) generally feel worse than parents of infants, preschoolers, elementary school children, high school children, and adult children. — Eileen Kennedy-Moore Ph.D.

Do Not Embarrass Her

As much as possible, never put your daughter in a compromising situation. Avoid placing her on the spot where she may feel utter embarrassment. Whenever she does a wrongful act or a misdeed, try to talk to her about it in a friendly manner. You do not need to shout as it can only make her repulsive. Instead, find the perfect timing to open up about the issue.


Go On Date Nights

Even if your teenager is already busy in high school, do not forget the importance of spending quality time together. Pick a date where you would take a day off just to accompany your daughter in all that she wants to do. For example, you can go shopping together or eat at her favorite restaurant. Make meaningful conversations during your date nights.


Welcome Guests At Home

Be sure to allow her to bring some guests at your house if you intend to keep an eye on your daughter. Talk to her about the ground rules when someone comes over. Remind her that it is crucial for her to follow these rules. When her friends are welcome at your place, you will have a bigger chance of getting on her good side. At the same time, it will also allow you to observe whether her friends are of great influence.

The truth is having children and understanding how to parent are two totally different things. And, even if you have a good understanding of what it takes to be a good parent, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can avoid the challenges that often accompany it. — R. Y. Langham, Ph.D.

The most significant thing you need to remember is that you must not be a scary mommy for your teen. Keep your cool all the time.