The 2016 Atlanta Pediatric Health Symposium Special Topic: Depression In Children


The 2016 Atlanta Pediatric Health Symposium tackled a bit about kids mental health. Children have tantrums whenever they face different situations, but it can also be caused by depression. It can affect their school activities, daily interest, and moods. Although a child can suffer from depression, it can still be treated.

What Is Depression?

Depression affects mental capabilities due to extreme sadness, irritability, hopelessness, and feeling of being worthless. People who suffer from depression, overthink. They feel that no one appreciates and love them; that is why some even commit suicide.

Can Children Suffer From Depression?

Children who feel unwanted or bullied in school can suffer depression; it is different from having tantrums or mood swings. It affects how they interact with other family members, classmates, and social activities; they just want to be alone and sometimes do not share what they are going through. Children with depression can affect how they develop or grow that is why it needs to be treated and cure. Parent’s must talk to their children to know how they feel, or they can ask advice from psychologists on how to help children with depression.

How Common Is Depression In Children?

According to a study, 13 to 18 years old are common age who suffers from depression; some may even lead to suicide because they do not know how to deal with their situation.


What Causes Depression In Children?

Children suffer depression because of the following reasons – if they suffer physical illness, stress, family problems if it runs in the family too.

How Can I Tell If My Child Is Depressed?

Symptoms of depression in children may differ, but there are signs that you can notice which can help you identify how children are feeling. Among the signs and symptoms are the following: sleep changes, change on the way they eat; if they easily get tired and always having no energy to do the usual activities that they do, and lack of interest to do their hobbies.

Your child needs your guidance, love, and care as they grow to be observant and have time for your child; they need your affection so give it to them before it is too late.