Why You Should Let Your Kids Be Kids

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We all differ in our parenting style. There are those who are disciplinarians, and there are those who are relaxed when it comes to dealing with their kids. Nobody can judge which is better because it is always up to us how we want our kids to grow up and up to them if they want to continue what we instilled in their values.

As a parent, what do you want for your kids? For a minute, never mind what other people think and set aside what social media demands. Think of what you genuinely wish for your kids. What do you pray for them at night?


Generally, All Parents Want These Things For Their Kids:

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These three are what most parents want. So why do some parents hurt their child’s feeling by saying words of disappointment when they misbehave? Are they supposed to act appropriately at their age? When should they act like a kid?

Importance Of Letting Your Kids Be Kids:

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There are real benefits to doing something you’re bad at. It increases resilience, teaches how to hold onto self-esteem, and reduces perfectionism. — Vicki Botnick, MA, MS, LMFT

  • They Are Kids Only Once.

For some reason, we, adults sometimes act as if we never were children. We were once as playful and loud, and we should know that we never meant to harm anyone by doing so. Let your kids scream as loud as they can or run as fast as they can as long as they are learning and not hurting anyone. They are young only once, and when they grow up, you would miss the clutters and their loud noises.


Sometimes, we are annoyed by how endless their questions are. They ask about this and that which sometimes, the answer is obvious. We have to remember that they are kids. It may sound like a silly question for us, but for them, it is learning, so take a minute of your time to pay attention to what they want to learn.

To teach your kids to listen the first time, you must help them cultivate the habit of paying attention to what you say. Part of creating this habit is paying attention to how you talk to them. — Erica Reischer Ph.D.

  • They Want Love And Affection.

When kids intentionally annoy you, it could mean they lack time and attention. They are trying to look silly and naughty because they think it is the only way you will notice them. They need nurturing which demands a lot of patience and understanding. So the more misbehaved they are, the more love and affection they need.


  • The World Will Get Tough On Them One Day.

When they grow older, they will experience the troubles of the adult world. So while they are young, let them be carefree because someday, they would have less time to be. Let them enjoy life as much as they can while they still can.

Help your kids learn healthy ways of managing emotions. Give them space and permission to feel angry and disappointed when they are faced with a consequence for their behavior. Katelyn Alcamo, LCMFT

Humans grow old with time, and childhood is just a phase in life. The kids would not forever be annoying. Let your kids enjoy their youth or let alone have one. They will not be like that forever, so spare them the “stop!” when they are too loud or too playful. That is what they are supposed to be! How else should they act? Someday, you will miss them, but they would not be kids anymore.