Bathing Your Baby


Daily nurturing and care of your baby is an integral part of your new life as a parent. However, many new parents have never dressed, fed or bathed a baby before. These special activities with your new baby will become second nature in no time! Here are a few tips to get you on […]

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Tips for New Mothers – Managing Stress


The initial months of motherhood are often visualized as the tie when the mother and child develop a bond silently. However, the truth is that new mothers suffer from intense mental and physical stress due to the increased workload and health problems associated with post pregnancy stage. This article is offering tips to the family members […]

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Thermometers for Infants


Fever in a baby could be the foremost indication of a sickness. Even as a surge in body temperature over a hundred degree F is deemed as a healthful immune system responding, it is signalling likely peril & necessitating additional assessment. As thermometer readings taken might be leading to calls or visiting the pediatrician or ER, being […]

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Top 10 Reasons Not to give Soda to your Kids


Soda can be an extremely damaging thing to your child’s health at a young age in more ways than one. Here are some startling and disquieting facts regarding soda that all should be aware of prior to twisting open the next can of fizz. Soda intake augments Osteoporosis risk which is a serious ailment that […]

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Importance of Games


Games are an integral part of all cultures throughout the world, from the most advanced cities, to the most remote villages. Many recreational hours are spent with family or friends playing various types of games and for children, games can be way to improve the learning processes and develop social cooperation. When children are young, playing […]

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Learning a Language at a Young Age


Research has discovered there is no correlation between children or adults in learning a new language and one does not necessarily learn any faster or slower than the other. People in all age groups can benefit from learning another language. However, for a child to watch a favorite cartoon on television show that teaches a […]

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Three Baby Toys That Rock: 2012-2013


It’s important to keep the little guys/girls entertained, right? Well, let’s admit, it’s more than just keeping them entertained, it’s about helping them learn what they’re capable of and develop important skills. Nowadays, it seems to take some pretty fancy toys to get the job done. Here are three of the top toys for babies […]

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Postpartum Depression and Being The “Eh” Girl


So, I was feeling rather blue. Then I started feeling really, extremely anxious. So I went to see my doctor, who I thought would refer me to a shrink. Instead, he handed me some white little pills, said, “You have mild postpartum,” wrote out a prescription for more white pills, and sent me on my […]

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Sensory Processing Disorder


My wife and I believe that my oldest daughter is more than just “a picky eater”, with all due respect to those parents that suffer through that. After the amount of stress my wife suffered during our March trip to NYC, part of which was caused by my oldest daughters eating, my wife did some […]

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